About Us

Our Story

Oumi Care’s dedicate team in Brisbane City, Ipswich City and Logan City bring a wealth of experience and care to providing quality service to participants with a comprehensive, holistic and personalised approach.

We work towards meeting individual needs and supporting the fulfillment of our participants lives.

We offer reliable support to ensure that our participants receive compassionate, dignified assistance. With an understanding of the importance of family, community and relationships. We value working in collaboration and partnership to ensure your support needs are met.

We strive to empower the alignment of participants’ lives with their own values and goals, recognizing the significance of supporting individuals in achieving what matters most to them.

Oumi Care’s founder Ayah lives with a passion for providing quality disability support. Driven and inspired by her own experience as care support for her Mother and Brother living with Disabilities. Ayah set up Oumi Care to build a supportive community that places the individual needs above all else. ‘Oum’ or ‘Oumi’ being a way of referring to your mother in high respect and admiration in my mother tongue of Arabic. This Service is in honour of my mother, my first teacher, biggest inspiration and the greatest act of resilience and joy in the face of adversity I have yet to witness.


Ayah has a diverse range of experience formally caring and supporting those living with disabilities to navigate all aspects of their health, to be clear with their goals, create a team that will support the fulfilment of their goals and navigate the health care system and NDIS to flourish. In Ayah’s experience it has become clear that finding the right, like-minded people to form participants support teams, who show up, who care and who place the participants needs, safety and happiness first is of high importance. As well as ensuring that support workers have the right support to then extend their care.

Driven by this purpose and a sense of responsibility to those living with disabilities and their families. Ayah combines her lived and professional experience in understanding the NDIS and having reliable support workers with passion for service to foster and create environments for tailored, empowering, and impactful support for participants.

Our Vision

To foster inclusive communities where individuals living with disabilities have their rights honoured, independence supported and equal access to opportunities and the highest quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower participants to live fulfilling lives by providing comprehensive, holistic support, advocating for their rights, choice and control and promoting inclusivity. Through collaboration, education and community engagement, we work towards nurturing a life for our participants that celebrates and provides appropriate access to individuals living with disabilities as to improve balance, well-being and health.

We combine open communication, flexibility and reliability with our individual personalized services and care to ensure we build meaningful relationships and trust.

Young Woman With Disability Listening To Music

We Value

Compassionate Service

Fostering an environment  of empathy, understanding and practicing kindness towards all involved individuals, promoting well-being and overall quality of life of our participants and extended community.


Promoting self-advocacy and determination, independence and ensuring access and choice to appropriate tools, resources and support. Working to eliminate barriers, discrimination and stigma and promoting policies and practices that enhance rights and well-being.

Cultural Competence

Recognizing and respecting the diversity of individuals with disabilities, including their cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds, and ensuring that services and culturally sensitive, responsive, and in celebration and respect of clients’ culture.


Embracing innovative approaches, technologies, and practices to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities, improve service delivery and address emerging needs and challenges.