How to create and style a modern contemporary and stylish table setting outdoor. I love the colour combination we used for this outdoor table setup.


Because we a white wash grey colour table and seating to work with, the colour combination selected had to blend with this.  We used beautiful white modern plates  from Crate and Barrel and were setoff against lovely duck egg blue coloured linen placemats.

We  decorated them with white napkins with a touch of nature i.e. sprigs from the garden.The other accent colour we introduced was matt black minimalistic cutlery from H&M Home. Because black was one of the accent colours we also introduced a black and off white salt and pepper bottle grinder’ set. They can be found  locally in Dubai  The Bowery Company.


The beautiful natural wooden cake stand and matt black espresso cups are  from Country Road. Protea flowers (the national flower from South Africa) was included as a flower arrangement on the table.


A stylish table setting outdoor is not about the decoration on the table but also about the lighting. Thus another way of creating even more style and feeling is to add ambient lighting. We introduced a black string of lights  between the two trees on both sides of the table.  At night time we created  just the right amount of ambient lighting for guests and friends to enjoy this space.


The modern seating and table we  West Elm  It gives a lovely inviting feeling with the grey white washed wood finish. The seating consisted of a long bench and 4 separate chairs.

I also just love the mesh food cover from Home & Soul   It is a definitely a winner when you need to cover food outdoors.

If you want to see and read more about outdoor furniture see our blog post  Nov 2018

All photos by Natelee Cocks

stylish table setting outdoor

stylish table setting outdoorstylish table setting outdoorstylish table setting outdoorstylish table setting outdoorstylish table setting outdoorstylish table setting outdoor