For the kitchen renovation of this villa, the marble selection was  natural Carrara Marble stone for the countertops as well as the  splash backs areas. Marble is a frequently used material choice for kitchen worktops, be it natural or engineered. I opted for a natural marble rather than an engineered marble,  as the finish and pattern compared to the engineered/artificial stone was just so beautiful and natural.

Carrara Marble is a natural marble with a greyish-white tone and smaller veins that are fine and often appears to be linear. This beautiful marble is available in varying shades of whites and greys. Being a natural stone, you will notice that tiles and slabs will vary in appearance.


marble selection kitchen

The marble selection for all kitchen counter tops were cararra marble. We also cladded the splashback full height with  the same.  Ceramic splash back tiling is a popular choice, but we wanted to keep the same tone and pattern continuously. When slabs are placed next to each other, try to mirror the pattern of the next. When you select your marble slab, keep in mind that every slab is slightly different, so it is ideal to select the exact pieces of marble at the factory that will be used to match. We selected a really nice big piece of marble which was large enough  for the island unit , and to reduce unnecessary joints marble selection kitchen DESIGN K

If you are not using full height splash back in marble, you could also  consider to use  Carrara Marble Tiles. They come in various patterns and finishes from Hexagon Mosaics to Herringbone Patterns. Below are a few samples of how these tiles are used:

marble selection kitchen DESIGN K

Carrara is a good-quality marble because it is dense and nonporous. Although it makes it durable and stain-resistant, acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar will, however, etch your marble leaving it dull with a whitish mark. This will happen even after the marble has been sealed. Acid etching will be more noticeable on coloured marble than on white marble. Carrara marble is light in colour and needs to be maintained carefully. Here are a few tips on how to care for your marble:

CLEANING: Use warm water and detergent. Do not use soap as it can cause the light stone to darken. Detergent should be effective enough to remove oil-based stains. Once you have cleaned the surface, rinse it with water and dry with a soft cloth.

SEALING: natural stone must be sealed with a penetrating sealer and be regularly maintained. You can use a sealant two to four times a year. This will prevent that natural stone from absorbing liquids and moisture. When using a sealant in your kitchen, make sure that the sealant is safe for food preparation areas.

POLISH: this will remove etching. Polish is usually sprinkled over the surface and rubbed with a buffing pad. By polishing your marble, you will ensure that the surface stays smooth.

CRACKS: can be repaired by a professional stone worker. Do not attempt to repair deep cracks or etching on your own. It is easy to damage the surface if you do not have experience in repairing marble

STAINS: you can use a household bleach to remove stains, but the bleach should be washed away before it dries. Remember to rinse the stone with clean water afterwards.

marble selection kitchen DESIGN K

Some of the beautiful accessories that we used for styling in the kitchen can be found from the following stores

  1. The lovely salt and pepper grinders – The Bowery Company
  2. The black matt mixer – Bagno Design
  3. Aesop Hand soap
  4. Barstools DESIGN K

We also used marble in the bathrooms, If you guys would like to see more on marble in bathrooms and marble selection for these.