I put together a party mood board for Party Camel last month. Aisha, mommy of 2 wanted a Pow Wow party for her little 5 year old son. I was very excited about this  lovely theme and the products available to make this an absolute unforgettable experience.  My mood boards were featured on the Part Camel Blog and I am happy to share.

By The Party Camel on November 3, 2015 in Birthday Parties, Party Inspiration & Party Planning

When to go with the flow: Ever since I lay my eyes on this gorgeous  “Pow Pow” range of products, my heart skipped a beat. I knew instantly what my son’s next birthday party theme was going to be. What little 5 year old to -be could resist this charming theme?  Dressing up as cowboys and Indians with his mates and letting their imaginations run wild. Not to mention mummy’s!  This was going to be the coolest cutest party yet. Karen fromDesign K put together a gorgeous party mood board and the wheels were set in motion.

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