Following on the previous blog post, more on the bedroom design!

A modern contemporary bedroom came to life,  yet soft and gentle. Again soft colours were chosen and blended into the design which also included  natural wood elements.

The design process was easy as the starting point to the room was the colour of the headboard which we loved, a greyish charcoal coloured linen fabric. To keep in line with the rest of the apartment, Jotun’s Reflection colour was used again on the walls of this room. This created ambience and provided a warmer feel to the room.
Space planning was done for the area in terms of required furniture and the below Furniture Layout was developed. This gives the client  a more detailed idea of the proportion and scale of furniture in the space.

Each furniture item was custom designed in accordance to the required standards and drawn in 3D with specifications of materials as shown below

Again a lot of detail planning went into the furniture designs as the headboard had a cut in the back for easy access to the existing electrical wall power points. The bedside tables had  access for cables from inside, thus all cables were hidden. So much easier to just open the drawer at night and connect your mobile or Ipad to charge!

The final bedroom design came to live and this was the end product.


Modern contemporary bedside tables were incorporated to the design with steel legs and teak veneer tops. Crisp white bedlinen was used from @HOME (Always remember that the length of each pillow case combined should be the total length of the width of bed), thus if the bed is 1800mm wide, each pillowcase  should be 900mm in lenght) . This just makes it look really beautiful as the pillow cases  fill the total width of the bed. A beautiful weaved grey rug was purchased from Marina Home Interiors as well as the upholstered contemporary chair next to the bed. The amazing trendy round mirrors was an excellent purchase from comptoir102 , just love their accessories.
The headboard was designed with a patterned pulled square finish and custom made . Lastly the funky modern bedside table lamps were from a South African Supplier, Woolworths Home. To finalise the bed  a boxed bed valance was customised using the same fabric as the curtains.
All artwork supplied by Karen Wandrag. Photo credit to  the lovely Natelee Cocks